We help you drive traffic to your website

SEO - Driving traffic to your website

It is important to emphasize that SEO is not just hovering a few keywords inside the website - search engines have become much better at sorting quality results and weeding out the spam, making a high search engine result page (SERP) listing very beneficial to business owners. When we (Inovator) handle the SEO for our customers we regard ourselves as long-term partners in developing customer strategy and online marketing strategy for our customers.
When we're handling the SEO it is our job to make sure that users find what they are searching for.

Steps that we will take with you handling the SEO are

1. Update old content

Chances are that you have at least one dated piece of content on your website that is ranking for one or more keywords. The problem is, when people click on it and see it is a few years old, they are more likely to click back to the SERPs and look for fresher content.

We will help you update those posts /add a link to a newer post on those pages and you could recapture a significant amount of traffic.

We also check whether your site has double content- If this is the case it will be a killer on the performance of your website.

2. Page loading speed 

People’s expectations of websites have come a long way in the past few years. If your website is slow, you are losing traffic and conversions.  

We will check your website speed and if necessary help you speed it up.

3. Tags and meta descriptions

We will provide good and catchy tags and meta descriptions.

When someone conducts a search, you have only a few short lines to entice them to click through to your website. A properly written page title is helpful to the SEO of your site and should entice the searcher to click on your website. -While a Meta description does not have SEO value, it too is very important in achieving clicks to your site.

4. We ensure that the content is not written only for search engines

It is important that the content on your website caters to your customers - they must come first! Well-optimized website content can attract more traffic, but if it doesn’t translate into profits and sales, it’s useless. When creating content, you need to understand the needs of your audience and provide them with solutions for their problems.

5. Understand your audience

To get the best optimization is important to understand the audience you are trying to achieve through your digital marketing strategy.

Therefore, we will first analyze their online behavior and the type of channels that they are most active in. This enables you to perfectly reach out to the wherever they are, and with clear messages that they will understand.

6. Plan and Strategy

You probably have visions and goals you want to achieve with your business through online marketing - we want to help you make a plan and a strategy that will help you attain your goals and allow for needed adjustments when you are not meeting those goals.

7. Use targeted landing pages

When we're handling the SEO it is our job to make sure that users find what they are searching for.

If the visitor searched for purple shoes, you better take them to a page about purple shoes and not to homepage of your shoe site. As the website owner or marketing strategist, your job is to get the user to the exact information they searched with as few steps as possible.

8. Testing

A solid digital marketing strategy is ongoing process. We continue to test options and technologies that can improve your performance on the web.

It could be that you had to change the layout of the pages that have keywords or use other technologies (video, audio, images).

9. Consistent posting schedules

This does not mean that you have to write two blogs a day but, creating a regular posting schedule is beneficial to your audience. If they get used to a new post from you weekly and you don’t post for several weeks, they are less likely to come back weekly when you do start posting regularly again. We can help you create a posting schedule that you can maintain and stick with it.

10. Mobile Friendly

Why? Google has made a well-publicized update rewarding mobile friendly sites. In 2015 more searches are being done from mobile devices than desktops. Local mobile searches are the norm and if you are not reaching your audience were they like to search, you are missing out. If your site is not mobile friendly still, we can help you with that!

11. The social media

Although its most debated topic in the world of SEO is whether social media has great influence on SEO - one thing is certain - social media can drive targeted traffic to your website. We help you to be visible on social media.

12. Good navigation and a clear hierarchy of your website

A clear hierarchy must be built into the your website from the beginning because this will help the visitors of the website and ranking of your website.

We help you to do this so that both users and search engines can easily navigate and know what content is important on your website.

13. Competitive analysis

By spending time researching your competitors you can learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Competitors ranking for your target keywords can provide you with a link building roadmap.

If you defeat them in the majority of small battles you will surely win the war.

14. We include (relevant) keywords

Traditionally, as should each page of a website to be targeted with a keyword or phrase. Since 2015, Google has managed to understand the general theme of a page meaning you can rank a single page for more relevant keywords. Previously, it was put primary keywords in the URL, page title, first and last characters and subheads. Now when we optimize a website putter we keywords these sites but they must be different keywords which is about the same topic.

15. Contact information on the website

Your website must provide contact information - just a form on the contact page is not counting. What if customers have issues with your product or service – how do they get a hold of your company? For the sake of convenience and credibility, your website should contain a phone number and address, preferably on every page.