Our BI solution gives you easy access to all your business data, advanced analysis of the selected data - that gives you insight to make strategic and intelligent decisions for the future.

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Today's business requires the adoption of quick but smart decisions. In order to make decisions in line with the changes that are occurring on the market every day, structured data on your business is mandatory. When data can be viewed from multiple angles, making the right decisions becomes a pleasure.


BI helps you navigate safely through a chaotic world of data and establish a platform for linking the past, present and future. Our solution can offer you quick reporting, creating a cockpit according to your needs and the needs of your business and easily sharing structured and visualized data with your associates in real time.


Every team needs to share information. Information isn’t just numbers, but also what those numbers mean for your organization. Empower your team with structured and fast information sharing to make their decisions better for the organization. Empowered workforce can make a company more competitive.


Less than five minutes. That’s all it takes to start transforming your data into live dashboards and reports that’ll help you find answers to your company’s most important questions.

Our BI tools help you:

  • Look at your business from multiple angles
  • Identify areas where you can cut the costs
  • Become more competitive in the global business arena
  • Identify your organizations weaknesses


  • Save your time on entering data and making reports
  • Gain more customer insights
  • Show important informations about your sales
  • Transform your raw business data to useful information


  • Empower your employees to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Increase productivness of your employees
  • Share information across different departments in your organization
  • Enhance monitoring over business processes

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Client's recommendations

BI provides Trigema with global insight into the organisation - right down to the level of individual transactions.

Management always has an overview encompassing brands, customers and sales reps - this provides invaluable insight in real-time.

Inovator improved search experience, they targeted personalized emails and improved click-through rates using advanced analytics. Our best recommendation to this team of helpful people.